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Nonprofits must adapt in this uncertain political climate

Nonprofits are relied upon more than ever to close the service gap left by government funding cuts.

The current provincial government has made numerous cuts to investment in communities. A recent analysis conducted by the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) found that there is less funding now than ever before for societies most vulnerable. This has put increasing pressure on the nonprofit sector to fill in the gaps for these services. Unfortunately, the government cuts have also meant a reduction in services that nonprofits are able to deliver. In an effort to maintain a balanced budget and to continue delivering much needed services, nonprofits have been forced to lay off valued employees.

In order to continue delivering quality services to the community, nonprofits must take the time now to look at their business processes. The loss of long time valued employees means a loss in the wealth of knowledge that they brought to their respective organizations. What impact did the loss of these long time employees have on employee morale and business processes? Do the IT systems currently in place have the ability to mitigate the loss of such valued employees? Are the IT systems in place adding to the organization's technical debt? These are important questions that need to be asked in this time of funding uncertainty.

Nonprofits cannot afford to rely on aging IT systems that are actually increasing their costs, lowering productivity, and lowering the overall quality of work. With less funding available from the government, nonprofits must now turn to improving the profitability of their fee for service programs. In addition, increased effort is needed to increase the funding they receive through individual donors and other sources of charitable giving. People are more likely to give than ever before thanks to digitization in the banking industry and the rise of social media (Forbes). This means nonprofits must be ready to market their story and attract those donors to their causes.

Modrah Consulting can help nonprofits navigate these uncertain times through evaluation of their current processes and ensuring the right systems are in place to face these challenges. Get in touch today.

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