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Formstack Partner Interview with Zak Pines

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Zak Pines VP of Partnership at Formstack. Here is a little excerpt from the interview.

" Zak: Are the organizations typically for or against evolving their technology?

Mohamed: It really depends on the people. The people who have been there for a long time end up having to come up with sub processes that bridge the gaps between processes and technology that’s in place. They want things to make life easier for them so they can focus on doing the parts of their job that they love. That’s where I come in and help implement processes and the right technology that helps them do just that. Another factor in technology decisions for a lot of organizations that I work with, especially in the nonprofit and child care sectors, is compliance. It is very important.

Zak: I can imagine that’s a huge thing. Let’s expand on that. What sort of compliance issues are these organizations faced with?

Mohamed: It’s about capturing clean data. Clean data is massively important, especially around a time when the Ministry of Education comes out to license these programs. To make sure that they’re compliant with all Child Care and Early Years ACT(CCEYA) regulations, organizations have to make sure the information they have about their children and staff is accurate.

Another issue I find is when executive-level management receives data, they are receiving it from siloed systems. Often the information is staggered and disjointed. This makes it hard to see the whole picture. They don’t see potential non-compliances and are not able to deal with them before the Ministry of Education arrives for an inspection visit. They are also not able to make key business decisions and solve any potential problems until a month afterwards. They get stuck in a retroactive patchwork solution loop, rather than being able to make proactive decisions. "

For the full Interview click on the link below:

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