Data Visualization, Management, and Compliance


Making accurate decisions requires access to information but also an accurate view of your organization. Modrah Consulting provides nonprofit leadership with a 360-degree view of their organizations through tailored, actionable, real-time access to your data designed to improve your ability to measure the organization’s impact and make proactive decisions.


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Data Visualization and Management


Data – it’s the lifeblood of your organization. Without access to critical information, it’s impossible to make accurate decisions that support your mission and create positive change in the world. However, there’s a world of difference between unparsed data and information that can be used to support your decisions and actions.


At Modrah Consulting, we understand how critical it is that you have an accurate view and provide cutting-edge data visualization services to achieve that. We help you surface critical insights, see the impact of your efforts granularly, identify shortfalls and bottlenecks, and more.


It’s about more than just ensuring you have accurate information – we deliver real-time data to create feedback loops that measure your nonprofit’s impact within the communities you serve and pinpoint where you can improve. We help you identify the best fundraising databases, manage donor selection, and create compelling visual reports rich in accurate information that drive engagement and support.


We do more than just compile and transform data, though. We help you manage it accurately, automate time-consuming tasks that would otherwise bog down your team, and use this incredibly valuable asset more accurately.


A Word on Compliance


Information is critically important, but so is protecting it. We help you reach the high bar set for data management compliance through our years of experience and expertise. Our team helps you safeguard donor personal and financial information, as well as the information of the families you serve and your nonprofit’s sensitive data, all while ensuring full compliance with industry rules and government regulations.