Cloud Services & Technology

Modrah Consulting works with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to implement enterprise-level technology to control cost, increase collaboration, and improve access to the data required to make real-time decisions.

Why the Cloud?


The cloud is everywhere today and for good reason. It offers agility, constant access to critical data, the ability to streamline your decision-making process, and so much more. However, not all cloud services are created equal. For nonprofit organizations, making an informed choice requires understanding not just how cloud services will benefit your team but how they will affect data security, donors, volunteers, and the very families that you serve.


At Modrah Consulting, we have years of experience working with nonprofits and understand the unique position in which you find yourself. We work to identify the ideal cloud services and then migrate data and implement the solutions you need.


Critical Technology


Cloud systems are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Nonprofits require many other components in their technology stacks, from Microsoft products to Blackbaud, Salesforce (or another CRM), and so much more. Choosing the right technology requires an in-depth understanding of its features and functionalities, how it dovetails with other platforms and services, and what value it ultimately delivers.


We help you make informed decisions and then implement the technology you need for success. From creating the vision of how your solutions will strategically support your mission to granular views of how each tool supports your volunteers and other team members, we deliver technical expertise coupled with an in-depth understanding of your nonprofit’s unique needs.