Modrah Consulting delivers critical advantages to nonprofits, enabling informed decision-making and the agility necessary in today’s world. We were founded by Mohamed Drahaman, a 10-year veteran of the nonprofit and childcare sector. That in-depth experience allowed him to develop critical strategic project management methods, process automation solutions, and other vital services.


Today, Modrah Consulting serves nonprofit organizations in virtually every niche. We specialize in providing industry-leading strategic consulting, cloud services and technical assistance, and data visualization, management, and compliance assistance.


Meet The Team


Mohamed Drahaman

Founder & Principal

Mohamed brings over 10 years of experience in working with nonprofit organizations.  Let him bring his practical experience in brand strategy, system design, and process automation to help set you up for long term success.  When he is not building solutions, you will find Mohamed playing with LOL dolls with his two daughters. 

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Brian Simon


Brian is a UX & Service designer. He has worked for many different organizations offering opportunities and collaborating with community members to make important life decisions. While looking for strategic ways to solve problems, he fell in love with UX design. In his free time, he enjoys photography and gardening with his partner.


Robert Fern


Robert has been a full stack developer for over 10 years.  Robert loves to take on new challenges. When he is not developing he loves playing video games and writing some program.